Color in Organizational and Consumer Behavior

The influence of color in human behavior has been studied in diverse scientific fields, such as neuroscience, psychology, consumption or organizations. In fact, color affects feelings, thoughts, and behavior. However, color research and application still need to be widely developed due ist complexity and diversity. Organizations could benefit from the correct use of color in workplaces, providing appealing and welcoming spaces for the workers. The positive feeling would enhance productivity and reduces the stress effect that could be associated to work environments. Additionally, marketing managers need to integrate the knowledge about color theories in their strategies. Consumers’ purchase decisions are also significantly affected by visual stimuli, in which color is included. Thus, it is extremely important that the managerial implications of the use of color could be expressed and widespread within organizations.

Authors are invited to submit research articles that make an original and significant contribution on the following research topics (the list is by no means exhaustive):

  • Color in workspaces, wellbeing and productivity
  • Color in retail environment
  • Color in digital settings
  • Color in packaging
  • Perceptual considerations related to color in a purchasing decision
  • Color theories applied to marketing and consumer behavior
  • Color in marketing campaigns
  • Color as a tool for sensory marketing
  • Definition of outcomes and measures to better apply the knowledge of color in the context of organizational and consumer behavior


Track Chair

Luisa M. Martinez
IPAM, Universidade Europeia, Portugal