Knowledge Change Innovation

Organizational knowledge change and unlearning involve innovation in processes of updating, transferring, modifying, and retaining a base of knowledge over time. These knowledge change and unlearning processes may occur at the individual, group, or organizational levels. The ability to update, and use current knowledge effectively, especially in light of the ongoing technological and knowledge explosion, can be costly for any organization. Organizations that consider themselves “knowledge-based” must develop a competent workforce skillful in using knowledge change and unlearning strategies. Success in organizations involves developing a variety of human factors for emerging and updating competencies. In addition, due to advances in technology and its related change, modifications, and revisions, many competencies and skills require continual updating for a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
This Track is devoted to topics that help organizations improve and innovate their knowledge change processes. Current research will examine organizations and knowledge workers to understand their strategies to change and unlearn, capturing strategies to improve organizational function. Here we will value the role of all participants in the organization including leader behavior to establish new theories and practical application of knowledge change and unlearning within the organization.


Track Chair


Julee Hafner
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, USA