The Organizers


TAKE 2022 will be hosted by the  by Universidade Portucalense located in Porto, Portugal https://www-en.upt-pt and have a local organization team led by Prof. Drs. Carla Lobo and Susana OIiveira.



Universidade Portucalense aspires to be a global institution and recognized for quality in the different dimensions of its activity: research, teaching and knowledge transfer. In order to do this, it seeks to have human resources with the highest qualifications and aims at a target audience not only Portuguese but from all over the world.

Universidade Portucalense’s mission is to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and human development through the production and transmission of knowledge and the provision of other services to the community.

The Universidade Portucalense’s educational, scientific, and cultural project is meant to link understanding and mastery of the intellectual tools in the areas of knowledge the University is devoted to with an attitude of intellectual curiosity, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Therefore, the students’ autonomy and ability to solve new problems is fostered, preparing them to work collaboratively, to take the initiative, to coexist with risk, to create business, and to lead in a global context.

This project has an international framework, based on the centrality of research and its close coordination with teaching, knowledge transfer, and the provision of different services to the community. The internationalization strategy implies that a large part of the university’s activities will be held in English.

Universidade Portucalense privileges in all its activities the cooperation with other institutions, national or foreign. Partnerships are designed to build scale, generate synergies, and increase efficiency.

These are the areas of expertise that guide training, research, the transfer of knowledge, and the provision of other services to the community: Law and Case Law Studies; International Relations; Economics; Business Sciences; Informatics; Psychology; Educational Sciences; Culture and Humanities; Tourism; Hospitality.

Training is organized in such a way that in the 1st cycle the student receives university training in broader areas of knowledge and that in subsequent cycles s/he can choose more specific training. To this end, the scientific research component already existing in the first cycle is reinforced in the second cycle, and the third cycle must develop the research skills of the students, in order to enable them to successfully contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge.

Universidade Portucalense assumes itself as a centre of scientific production of excellence and creator of value for the community. Research is guided by a culture of epistemological and methodological rigour, in order to contribute to the advancement of the knowledge frontier. Based on the current state of scientific research, the university and its research units, through the personal performance of their researchers, actively participate in the development of innovative epistemological and methodological solutions. At the organizational level, priority is given to collaborative research in projects and lines of work with national and foreign researchers and research centres, promoting interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches, and the globalization of knowledge.

The university is dedicated to the transfer of knowledge and the provision of various services to the community, actively collaborating with companies, public institutions, and other organizations. This activity is based on the interaction between supply and demand.




The Team


Dr. Eduardo Tomé – Conference Manager
Dr. Susanne Durst delivering her keynote speech at TAKE 2019


For this conference we have gathered together a team of scholars from 13 countries (Austria, Canada, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Jordan, Poland, Portugal, Roumania, South Africa, Spain, Sweden and the USA), that will assure the development of 24 streams, in different areas of the topic Theory and Applications in the Knowledge Economy, and this year in particular aiming to analyse the Knowledge Economy in the Covid-19 era.  

TAKE 2021 will also have the support of GOVCOPP the research centre on Public Policies from Universidade de Aveiro, classified with Very Good by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology in 2019.

The Programme Committee consists of the conference stream leaders. The stream leaders are responsible for organizing and managing the blind peer-review process within the particular conference stream. The conference papers are peer-reviewed by at least two independent reviewers. The Programme Committee is responsible to maintain high ethical standards regarding the peer-review process.

In what concerns the financial matters TAKE 2021 will be managed by E4 Conferences, a legally registered private company located in Lisbon, Portugal.


Previous events


Information about the five previous TAKE Conferences may be found here:

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