The variety of streams reflects the diversity of people and scientific areas. The TAKE conference covers a broad range of topics related to the knowledge economy. To address this diversity, conference streams frame specific research themes for paper submissions. These 24 streams will be managed by stream leaders.

In TAKE 2022 we will have the following 24 streams

    1. Accounting Systems and Auditing
    2. Business Model Innovation for Industry 4.0
    3. Challenges and Opportunities for Crafts and Trade in the Knowledge Economy
    4. Changes in Retail and Customer Experience in Knowledge Era
    5. Color in Organizational and Consumer Behavior
    6. Competitiveness, Globalization and the Organizations
    7. Consumer Satisfaction and Retail
    8. Doctoral Workshop
    9. Education and Human Resource Development
    10. Financing R&D and Innovation – New Tools and Approaches
    11. Gig Economy, Solo-Self-employment and Freelancers in the Knowledge Economy
    12. Globalization Challenges in Accounting and Auditing
    13. Human Resource Management
    14. Intellectual Capital and Assets Dynamics
    15. Knowledge Change Innovation
    16. Knowledge Management
    17. Knowledge Management in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
    18. Nation Development
    19. Practitioners Stream
    20. Public Policies
    21. Soft Skills Empowerment: Closing a Gap in the Knowledge Economy Agenda
    22. Supply Chain Management
    23. Sustainable entrepreneurship in an increasingly digitalized world
    24. Teaching and Learning in the Knowledge Economy